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Cleanse Up - Daily Conditioner
A beautiful quick use conditioner.
£12.95 (In stock)
Locked Up - Colour Shampoo
Moisturising shampoo, rich and luxurious, gentle foaming. Perfect for dry, coloured or treated hair. Cleans without drying. Containing genuine conditioners, not silicones.
£12.95 (In stock)
Cleanse Up - Daily Shampoo
A gorgeously rich and creamy shampoo, perfect for normal to greasy hair.
£12.95 (In stock)
Locked Up - Colour Conditioner
An unbelievable conditioner formulated to richly treat coloured, processed or dry hair. We have not come across as comparable product.
£12.95 (In stock)
Fibre Creme
An exceptional styling product that gives total hair freedom. Mould, shape, style - go wild. Use in dry or damp hair. Create! A softer and easier to apply product than the traditional hard fibre, but with the same hold aand freedom of styling.
£13.95 (In stock)